Exhibitor Scope

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INAWELDING is exclusive sourcing zone to feature a full spectrum of products and services from welding, welding material, welding automation and all related in welding business. Meet buyers, manufacturer and distributor with strong purchasing power, which may be directly connected with your sales results in welding facilities, materials and cutting.
Exhibitor Scope : 
Welding Equipment
Welding Automation
Welding Anything Machinery
Welding Material
Welding  Services
Advance Welding Proccess
Airframe structures (i.e. Laser Beam Welding & Friction Stir Welding)
Aircraft Engine Components
Cutting and Mechanical Proccess
Electron Beam Welding
Gas Equipment & Accessories
Inspection and Testing Tools
Laser Equipment
Robotic and Computer Aided Welding
Machines and Advices/Appliances for Welding
Repair and Maintenance Equipment and Service
Services in Training, Auditing Certification
Other Related Welding Solution

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